Thursday, April 30

Customer Service

At last, after penyeksaan yg panjang akhirnya berjaya mengconnect this Celcom Broadband
The connection was out since last night

When using the customer service, so menyakitkan hati.. I wonder why
From my observation & experience, I wonder why others company or organisation is not providing very pleasant CSV. Unlike at my own company, or at least my department. The CSV might not that efficient also since I myself sometimes get annoyed by them.

In my dept we had our own technical helpdesk (its like CSV but we are specialised in specific field or job function). I think we provide quiet a very good service;

People calling with yelling or complaining but we are trained to be nice to them. We never ever allowed to shout back or get angry with them (dlm hati..tuhan je yg tahu)

Even we are not a real CSV, we still take call during lunch hour (when we 1st started this service, even the person is not in charged at that time..& having lunch, we require to stop eating & take the call 1st..just imagine)

When customer call & misused the line by "My phone run out of battery, pls call me back in 10 minutes". We are obligated to make that call.

In terms of Email also.. if we received any Email that require follow up, its a must to revert within 24 hrs. If the email contained a big URGENT...we definitely have to revert to it urgently

I was calling Celcom CSV this afternoon. Don't know for how many time. What I get is "Pegawai perkhidmatan pelanggan kami masih sibuk, panggilan ini akan ditamatkan & kami akan menghubungi anda semula pada nombor telefon yg didaftarkan"
How is that calling back thing possible? The no. is for broadband only, it is not configure to make or received any calls. Even if it is.....the sim card is in the modem la.....

After fail attempt by calls, I tried using the customer care Email with title "URGENT feedback"
But it does not take any effect to them

At last I manage to be connected to CSV rep in the evening 7pm something. And lucky for me, the lady handle it quite ok & give me the solution. They need 2-2.5hr to do the trobleshooting..

Back home after wrk..after msk2 all..try to connect but unfortunately still cannot until now
Nasib baik..kalo x mau ada org kena amuk mlm ni jgk...(customer service 24hrs ke?)

Don't know how long this will last..hopefully forever for good
Using CSV line is sooo leceh....

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