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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

2nd attempt masuk contest Mombloggersplanet
Tema kali ni Cutest Baby in Car Seat
Contest period: 1st to 15th July 09
Prizes sponsored by PhotoBookMalaysia & AliceWonders

Nik Aini Rafhana
DOB 27/3/2007

Car seat tu actually bought for her sister, Safi. Then when Safi is big enough to use the seat belt..the car seat officially become Hana's ..
She started using the car seat at about 6 mths old
And the seat will pass on to her sister as long as it still in good shape ..

In my opinion, car seat is an essential for babies/children .. its safer for them to travel in car seat rather than duduk riba with mother
More ... i think its less headache for mother too ....

Tak payah nak berperang ngan diorang .. bkn tau duk diam pun ... ;P

Choosing the car seat is important too .. we can find the prize ada yg murah & ada yg agak mahal
But when I survey for the seat at that time .. we can feel the different quality between those 2
The cheaper one usually the cushion is very thin ... blh rasa keras plastik kerusi when we touch it
I don't think our baby will be comfortable sitting on that
So at last we bought 1 that we thought more comfortable for our baby to sit on .. eventhough the price is a bit expensive
After all .. everyone of us want the best for our little one ... right ?

Hana's reaction?
1st .. excited, biasala benda baru for her
After that of course ... taknak sbb dah biasa duk riba dlm keta & blh main2 dgn buasnya
But .. mother x blh mengalah ... DEMI KESELAMATAN seorg anak .. ttp ltk dia dlm car seat
Lama2 dia redha ... sedap apa tido dlm car seat .. especially bila jln jauh skit

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