Sunday, November 15

Car Seat for Eesya

Our mission today: buy car seat for Eesya

At 1st I was thinking to buy the usual infant car seat but when Ayah did a survey at Anakku, actually they have car seat for age 0-4
Thus, we decided to buy that type of car seat since we can use until Eesya age 4 (eventhough we already had child's car seat which belongs to Safiyyah originally)

I am extra busy with work right now since its year end. That's why we need the baby seat so that Ayah can fetch Eesya if I am coming late from wrk

So, mission accomplished

Eesya baby seat look something like this (we bought VIVA brand). Only the colour not as luxurious like this ... but sure it will be very useful to have 1

usual baby car seat

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